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Yonsei University Severance Hospital Partner Hospital

“Empathy, another treatment!”

We will go beyond the treatment of diseases to heal the hearts of patients.

Unlike the United States, which specializes in prostate cancer, Severance Hospital has expanded the indications for robotic surgery to 16 clinical departments, including thyroid cancer, gastric cancer, kidney cancer, colorectal cancer, gynecological cancer, otolaryngology and thoracic surgery, all based on its original technology. In addition, thyroidectomy in thyroid & endocrine surgery, gastrectomy in gastrointestinal surgery, and low anterior gastrectomy in colorectal surgery are performed using the official standard manual for robotic surgery.

Severance Hospital is improving patient satisfaction with new medical services that significantly improve patient convenience while treating highly intractable diseases through cutting-edge medical technology.

Hospital Information

[Number of medical staff: -persons, number of beds: 2454]

  • 2022 Achieved top ranking in all industries in the NCSI
  • 2022 U.S. Newsweek Top 70 in the world
  • 2022 Ranked 1st in the Consumer WellBeing Environment Satisfaction Index for the 16th consecutive year
  • 2022 Completed 1,500 liver transplants after 26 years
  • May 2022 Completed 5,000 kidney transplants

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