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Busan Dong-A University Hospital Partner Hospital

“Trust, Service, and Humanity”

It has established itself as the the most renowned medical university hospitals in busan.

“Dong-A University Hospital, with love and medicine”

Dong-A University Hospital opened in 1990 with the basic ideology of ‘trust, service, and humanity.’ It currently has 36 departments, 30 specialized centers, 100 special clinics, and 1,000 beds. It has established itself as a representative university hospital in the Busan region, and was recognized as “one of the top ten hospitals in the country” by Sisa Journal and and “a hospital with excellent medical service quality” by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

It is staffed with excellent medical staff and equipped with accurate diagnostic equipment, such as state-of-the-art high-resolution MRI (Siemens MAGNETOM VIDA), CT (Siemens Definition Edge), and PET-CT, and effective treatment equipment, such as da Vinci robotic surgery, a next-generation cardiovascular imaging system, Elekta Infinity HD and cutting-edge Novalis radiation therapy equipment, and convenient medical systems such as Full PACS (image information storage and delivery system) and HIS (integrated hospital information system).

We have been designated for 10 health and medical policy support projects, covering the Busan Regional Cardiocerebrovascular Disease Center, Busan’s only regional emergency medical center, Busan Metropolitan Dementia Center, Neonatal Intensive Care Regional Center, Bu/Ul/Economic Cord Blood Bank, and Busan Regional Health Medical Center for the Disabled, and we are doing our best to cure diseases and provide a healthy and happy life for local residents.

Following the completion of hospital remodeling in 2021, which had been underway since 2016, it is now one of the best hospitals in Korea with more pleasant and elegant hospital infrastructure, including special room wards.

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[Number of medical staffs – persons , number of beds: 999]

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