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Wellness medical tours with K-medical!


A special relaxation wellness center.

At THE WE they offer the first health resort with a medical tour in Korea that combines 5-star hotel services and healthcare services. You will encounter special relaxation programs for the first time here at THE WE Wellness Center. All water used in the water treatment program is natural volcanic bedrock water. As it contains a large amount of various minerals such as bicarbonate, vanadium, selenium, and magnesium, it is effective for antioxidant, skin care and removal of wastes from the body.

We have professional aquatic exercise and underwater management programs using natural volcanic bedrock water. We also run various outdoor programs based on Jeju’s native forest, Dorae Forest, beautifully formed Haeam Forest, Megawati Garden, and Sale Square. In addition, it is equipped with a fitness room, a mind room where we offer therapy sessions using sound, color and light. a spa program using medical equipment with skilled professionals and optimal facilities for health promotion.

“Wellness Center” aims to provide true healing of the body and mind that can be healed just by staying in this place where the pure Jeju forest and water coexist.


Forest Story

A special relaxation wellness center that meets for the first time

The health resort THE WE is located at the foot of Hallasan Mountain 350m above sea level, a clean forest containing clear energy of Mt. Hallasan and a UNESCO-designated Jeju Island Biosphere Reserve, where the time has been for thousands of years.

The forest of WE Hotel is a primeval forest with well-preserved various species of natural value. Therefore, the sound of the wind shaking the leaves, the sound of mountain birds, and the time you walk while making eye contact with the deer in the forest are all moments of emotion and wonder. Walking through the forest with deep breathing techniques and leisurely steps while stepping on the rustling volcanic clusters of Jeju, the mind exhausted from stress finds peace, and the body accumulated from fatigue finds peace by itself.

These various courses will be a precious time where you can feel the different values ​​and fun of the forest.


Wellness Center – Swimming Pool, Sauna & Fitness Room

WE Hotel is equipped with various state-of-the-art equipment, indoor, outdoor swimming pools, saunas, and Jacuzzi facilities using volcanic bedrock water for the healing and recharging of customers. We will guide you and improve it.


Water Zone / Water Program

Wellness Center – Hydro Program

You can enjoy a variety of water treatment programs tailored to your physical health.

We invite you to experience various cutting-edge equipment and Aqua Meditation pool programs using water.
We invite you to the world of ‘water’, unique to Jeju, the only WE hotel in Korea.

Land Zone / Ground Program

Healing Forest, Meditation Therapy Program

From the moment you walk in, the WE Hotel, giving you a natural healing feel, is located in a blessed location 350m above sea level at the foot of Hallasan Mountain, which is said to provide the best natural environment possible for humans. In a space that preserves Jeju native forest, you can meet various therapy programs that can only be experienced at the WE Hotel along with forest therapy.

We invite you to a special program that can only be found at WE Hotel.


Medical SPA Center

Medical and spa convergence, Korea’s first medical SPA

The Medical Spa Center is the first medical spa in Korea where medical and spa converge. It uses premium spa specialty brand products located in luxury hotels and luxury boutiques around the world to enhance immunity, manage joints and pain, and strengthen brain function. and Facial Treatment.

In addition, the Hydro program is conducted using the WE Hotel’s natural volcanic bedrock water, contains a large amount of various minerals such as bicarbonate, vanadium, selenium, and magnesium. We recommend this as the best service on earth with true relaxation.

Water Story

THE WE’s unique story of natural volcanic bedrock water

WE Hotel’s water is natural rock bicarbonate water is characterized by its excellent taste and containing numerous health substances. It received a high rating of 5.9 in the O-index, which is measured as an index of water, and was evaluated as the highest quality water by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Environmental Resources Institute.

The water in the WE Hotel is stored in a very unusual structure; the form of a tank in the volcanic strata. The natural volcanic bedrock water contains various minerals such as vanadium, selenium, and bicarbonate that are essential for our body. And natural volcanic bedrock water is used in all facilities of WE Hotel.

70% of our body is water. Drinking good water often is the best way to stay healthy.


1:1 Customized Consultation

A special relaxation wellness center you can meet for the first time

We design an optimized program for our customers through 1:1 consultation with a specialist in order to improve the customer’s true health.

The wellness program of WE Hotel is preparing various health programs that provide customers with a customized design of the natural volcanic bedrock water of Mt. Halla and the clean energy of the natural forest. We provide Mediwell, spa, and fitness programs according to your body type and health, as well as a diet and schedule that suits your body.

Just staying with the nature of the premium health resort and WE Hotel will be a natural healing and true recreation.

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