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Hanshin Medipia Partner Hospital

“Customized examination service”

Comprehensive check-up including basic check-up, customized check-up service that companies require

There are 350 specialists in each field, excellent medical personnel, and 20 medical coordinators who have completed professional service training, and various comprehensive and customized screening programs have been prepared for each subject, region, and age group. Comprehensive checkups, including basic checkups and company-customized checkup services

Various new check-up items such as a DNA gene cancer test, job stress test, infrared body temperature test, and biological age test are provided. Rapid treatment by linking persons showing abnormal results with tertiary medical institutions. Networks with excellent domestic general hospitals and major specialized hospitals. A convenient handover service is provided for persons showing abnormal results.

Hospital Information

[Number of medical staffs: 350, number of beds: -]

  • Selected as an institution with excellent health check-up performance for 13 consecutive years
  • Grand Prize in the 7th Medical Asia Health Checkup Division
  • Certified as a medical institution with excellent service quality by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • Selected as a designated hospital for overseas medical tourism in Seoul
  • Recognized as an institution attracting foreign patients by the Ministry of Health and Welfare Medical

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