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Luxurious health checkup center


Luxurious health checkup center

Chaum Life Center is a premium diagnosis and wellness center located in the heart of Seoul’s most luxurious area.
Chaum Life Health Checkup Center Clinic provides a comprehensive and individualized treatment and examination program to foreign VIP customers.


Privacy, comfort and treatment efficiency all in one place

Customers from the UAE, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and other neighboring countries visit the Chaum Center to experience an innovative testing approach in Korea as part of a one-day VIP program.

Chaeum Clinic, where western medicine, oriental medicine, wellness, and medical care are gathered in one place, is different from other medical institutions. All tests can be done in one place, undoubtedly a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

From the most complete diagnostic tests, to the proper nutrition and exercise routines, to a variety of genetic testing options, everything at the Chaum Center is designed for patients who want to live a long and healthy life.

Why should you use Medical Avenue’s services at Chaum Life Center?

  • Advance phone calls in English with a professional medical coordinator
  • Quick and direct access to doctor appointments without unnecessary documents
  • Automatic document transfer: medical history and records (Korean translation not required)
  • Letter of recommendation and individual examination plan
  • Free arrangement for non-medical events (accommodation, transportation, guide, phone)
  • Complimentary additional activities include: spa/nutritionist/golf (seasonal)
  • Priority Services at Medical Avenue International Office
  • Follow-up care after returning home (medication delivery, additional treatment, payment process)

CHAUM VIP Program and Wellness Program

  • Recovery
  • Mental health
  • Body balance
  • Strengthening the
  • Immune system
  • Additional services of Chaum:
    1. Stem Cell Bank
    2. Benefit Center
    3. TheraSpa (spa service with wellness program)
    4. Anti-aging skin care
    5. DNA screening
    6. Food and Tea Treats

*Medical Avenue offers a 20% discount at 5-star hotels near Chaum Life Center. We also offer free transfers from the airport to the hotel for our VIP customers. Note: The Chaum Life Center provides comprehensive checkups, including genetic testing and anti-aging, for VIP customers.

The best doctor in CHAUM LIFE CENTER

Professor Seo Eun-kyung
Specialization: Health promotion, obesity, chronic fatigue, treatment of foreign patients

Professor Yoon-Kyung Lee
Specialty: obesity, detoxification, energy

Professor Kyungmi Lee
Specialty: Chronic Inflammation, Dietary Change Coaching, Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management


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