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The beauty of the world’s top K plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery

The beauty of the world’s top K plastic surgery

When Chinese people have plastic surgery in Korea and return home, many news outlet claims that Chinese airport immigration officials do not recognize travelers in their passports photos because the surgeries turned out so good. And because of this, Korean plastic hospitals are issued a certificate that they are undergoing plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in Korea is already well-received around the world.

First of all, plastic surgery is expressed as plastic and reconstructive surgery. It is a medical department that improves the shape and function of the human body from head to toe. It can be divided into reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. You can have a more beautiful face and body through cosmetic surgery such as double eyelid surgery, nose height surgery, facial skeleton surgery, wrinkle removal surgery, liposuction, mammoplasty, and scar surgery. In addition, through reconstructive surgery after burns and its aftereffects, various facial and hand injuries, congenital malformations, and tumor removal, the deformed shape can be fixed near normal and functional defects are corrected at the same time.

Therefore, it not only improves the external appearance, but also repairs functional defects, thereby helping patients to lead their lives with more confidence. As Korea’s K-Culture spreads around the world, the beautiful looks of famous idol groups, Korean dramas, and movie actors are widely known to have undergone plastic surgery in Korea. Even plastic surgeons from the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, and Cambodia gather to learn more about Korean cosmetic surgery techniques.

Meanwhile, breast surgery, liposuction, eye surgery, abdominoplasty, nose surgery, breast lifting, breast reduction, fat grafting, buttock surgery, and face lifting are the most common surgeries performed in Korea.

1. Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries
1) Scar plastic surgery
2) nose surgery
3) Liposuction
4) Diabetic foot treatment

2. Aesthetic plastic surgeries
1) Breast reconstruction
2) Facial bone surgery
3) Odorosis treatment surgery
4) Early cranial synostosis (skull attachment) surgery
5) Eye Plastic Surgery
6) Cleft cleft palate surgery



Korean dermatology clinics that are recognized abroad

As our skin ages naturally, it can be damaged by various external factors such as the environment, makeup, and UV rays. As people age, they are more easily exposed to skin damage, causing sagging skin and deepening wrinkles.

Although we try to improve damaged skin through functional cosmetics or home care, it is difficult to improve damaged skin.

According to a report from the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency as of 2019, 85,194 people visited Korean dermatology clinics from overseas including the United States. That is nearly three times more than 31,900 in 2015. Additionally, it is the second most frequent visit to Korean dermatology hospitals after plastic surgery..

The most common dermatological treatments are for skin cancer, hair loss, acne, melasma, erythema, facial flushing, and dry skin.

1) Contact dermatitis and skin allergy
2) Skin pathology and skin tumor
3) Infectious skin disease
4) Optomedical
5) Melasma and pigmented diseases
6) Hair
7) Atopic dermatitis
8) Psoriasis and papule scaly skin disease
9) acne
10) Dermatologic
11) Laser
12) Vitiligo
13) Skin vascular disease
14) Direct connective tissue and bullous skin diseases
15) Skin aging



State-of-the-art treatment for knee pain and spinal surgery

In the United States, when a bone is broken or a bone is cracked, when a muscle or tendon is injured while playing golf, and when a frozen shoulder pops out, people usually go to orthopedic surgery. However, in the United States, orthopedic surgeons only trrat the back of the hand or arm, and do not treat disc-related parts such as the back, buttocks, and neck, so it is often necessary to find a specialist for each area.

However, orthopedic surgeons in Korea treat all areas related to bones and muscles. For this reason, according to statistics from the Korea Health Promotion Agency, there were 26,068 foreign patients seeking orthopedic surgery in Korea in 2019.

The number of patients seeking orthopedic surgery in Korea, such as ankle specialty hospitals, lumbar spine surgery hospitals, and knee and shoulder pain, is rapidly increasing. From the non-surgical spine clinic that treats with computer image precision injection (C-ARM) to manual therapy, a pain relief treatment using the hands, and the musculoskeletal ultrasound clinic, an accurate diagnosis and treatment for intramuscular stimulation, and extracorporeal shock wave treatment without surgery. Treatment is subdivided into treatment and pain clinics, joint clinics specializing in neck, back disc, wrist/ankle pain, and osteoporosis clinics that continue treatment with drugs after a bone density test.

Meanwhile, Korea’s Yonsei Severance Hospital ranked among the top 10 hospitals in the world by US Newsweek for pain treatment.


Korea’s world leading dental technology!

If you go to Korea and get dental nerve treatment, it costs about $35 up to $150 without health insurance, but in the US, it turns out that it costs about $2,000 just to complete it.

And this patient is said to have had PPO insurance in the United States. Moreover, Korea’s dental technology has grown so remarkably, many dentists from all over the world come to korea to learn more about the techniques of orthodontic treatments. From orthodontics to implants, general care provides the care you need to improve oral hygiene and maintain healthy teeth.

You can also cooperate with a dentist who majored in each specific subject (oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, periodontology, prosthetics, pediatric dentistry, etc.).

1) Preventive treatment (dental disease, gum disease, malocclusion)
2) Caries cavity filling treatment
3) Neurotherapy
4) Gum treatment
5) Surgery of various oral and maxillofacial areas including tooth extraction
6) prosthetic treatment
7) Aesthetic treatment
8) Orthodontic treatment
9) Jaw correction surgery
10) Treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder and masturbation-related pain control



Trained medical staff and up-to-date medical equipment are essential!

The number of middle-aged and elderly people suffering from cataracts is increasing due to complications caused by an aging population and an increase in the number of people with diabetes.

Cataract surgery proceeds relatively quickly, but the procedure is complicated because it requires careful observation before, during, and after surgery. Any disease of the retina that acts as a film on the eye is fatal and can even lead to blindness. Therefore, well-trained medical staff and up-to-date medical equipment are essential.

Korean ophthalmology clinics already have the world’s best medical environment and world-class technology. In addition, we suggest a visit to a Korean eye hospital that researches and treats a wide range of diseases that can occur in the eye, from abnormalities occurring to the eye to eye trauma.

1) blepharoplasty
2) Silicone insertion in the nasolacrimal duct and nasal closure of the lacrimal sac
3) mesh transplantation
4) Cataract Surgery
5) vitrectomy
6) sclera dolungsul
7) Strabismus surgery
8) Orthognathic surgery
9) Laser Therapy
10) Anterior chamber injection and intravitreal injection


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Customized service before/after cancer, infertility, and pregnancy!

As of 2019, the number of foreign patients visiting obstetrics and gynecology in Korea was 41,007, which nearly doubled to 24,072 the last year.

Currently, in the case of large hospitals in Korea, obstetrics and gynecology not only treat cancers such as cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer, but also provide medical services to help women of childbearing age become pregnant and give birth even after cancer treatment by operating a fertility preservation clinic. are providing.

In addition, obstetrics and gynecology in Korea introduced international certification for medical institutions related to childbirth and infertility to secure professional interpreters and caregivers. Here, we are creating new ways by developing customized services tailored to each country’s postpartum care culture.. helps you get the best hospital care for you.


Oriental medicine treatment

Oriental medicine treatment attracting attention abroad!

It is Korea where foreign medical experts such as the US, China, Japan and Australia are continuing their footsteps for oriental non-surgical spine treatment. Also, oriental medicine treatment for chronic cystitis has attracted attention in Japan, and German dentists are showing great interest in the effectiveness of oriental medicine treatment for temporomandibular joint..

Even in 2019 alone, 23,273 people from overseas visited Korea for oriental treatment in Korea. it’s also proven that oriental treatment methods are used to lose weight and grow taller. Recently, as several herbal treatment effects for Parkinson’s disease have been reported, various treatment methods are provided for each patient, such as combining conventional drug treatment or the like.

In addition, Korean herbal treatment is already widely known all over the world to the extent that Cheongju, Korea is providing support for oriental treatment that is not resistant to severe menstrual pain, aftermath of traffic accident, frozen shoulder, urinary disorder, and oriental treatment for infertile couples.

Meanwhile, in 2019, a joint research team from the Mayo Clinic in the U.S., Mocurry Oriental Medicine Hospital, and the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine published a paper that scientifically verified the effects of oriental medicine treatment on 36 severe patients out of 743 Koreans with spinal stenosis symptoms. It was also published in the latest issue of the international academic journal ‘Journal of Pain Research’.


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