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Konkuk University Hospital Medical Checkup Center

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Comprehensive examination center

Korea’s comprehensive medical examination center has the best technology and medical service in the world. We have the services you need right now.

General hospital health checkup

We are partnered with Korea’s general hospitals with best facilities and best medical staff that pay attention to the global medical community. Various services are provided for Korean residents living abroad such as image check-ups and accommodation check-ups.

A healthy life for all humanity!

Treatment oriented, patient centered, educational and research oriented, harmony in workplace culture, constant change and progress for the future!

Konkuk University Hospital is devoting itself to high-quality treatment and continuous education and research based on the founding spirit of Guryojemin to contribute to the healthy life of the human community.

Founded in 1931, Konkuk University Hospital has been recognized as the highest level of medical service since August 2005 for actively utilizing the latest medical technology and cutting-edge equipment.


Health Checkup Details

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건강검진 상세내용 (남성)


700,000 원

  • 49세 이하
  • 신쳬계측, 체성분 분석,혈압,안과(안압,시력,안저) 청력,폐기능,흉부찰영,심전도,혈액검사,(일반혈액,빈혈,간기능,전해질,고지혈증,당뇨, 갑상선 기능, 요산,혈액형,매독,에이즈,인슐린

730,000 원

  • 50세 이상
  • HBC항체,류마티스 인자)종양표지과(간암.대장암,췌담도암,전립선암) 간염(A형,B형,c형).소변,대변(잠혈,기생충),상복부초음파,위내시경(수면)

건강검진 상세내용 (여성)


720,000 원

  • 34세 이하
  • 신체계측,체성분분석,혈압,안과(안압,시력,안저)청력,폐기능,흉부찰영,심전도,혈액검사(일반혈액,빈혈,철결핍성빈혈,혈액형.간기능,신장기능,전해질,고지혈증,당뇨,갑상선기능,요산

740,000 원

  • 35~49세 이하
  • 류마티스인자,)매독,에이즈,인술린,Hbc항체), 종양표지자(간암,대장암,췌담도암,난소암) 간염(A형,B형,C형)소변,대변,(잠혈,기생충)액상 자궁경부세포진,상복부 초음파,위내시경(수면)

770,000 원

  • 50세 이상
  • *35~49: 유방촬영 * 50세이상:골밀도,유방찰영

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