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Health Checkup and Hospital Treatment Reservation

Cancer and Severe Disease Surgery, etc. Remote Consultation Service NOW OPEN!

You can believe Kmedical! 

Customers can directly compare, select, and reserve the cost of various medical services, telemedicine, and examinations with Korea’s leading medical institutions. In addition, you can receive a variety of additional services such as flights, hotels, transportation, interpretation, and tour packages so that you can receive check-up and treatment services more conveniently at medical institutions that you have booked in Korea.


Korea Specialty Medical Period and MOU


Able to depart from anywhere in the world!


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Collaborations with specialist doctors in each field


One-Stop Medical Tour

We are an online platform to help those in United States receive safer and more convenient Korean medical services with cutting-edge medical equipment and the best technology.

K Medical Tour is responsible for all services such as reservations for health checkups, medical treatment, flights, hotels, transportation, interpretation, and tours. We are partnered with the best and the most reliable hospitals for fostering and developing Korea’s cutting-edge healthcare industry.

Kmedical Tour Services

Comprehensive health checkup

Further information regarding Korea’s comprehensive health checkup center offered by the most renowned university hospitals now.

General medical service

Have access to all the health procedure information. Guaranteed quick process.

Professional medical service

Meeting the Doctor of your specialty! With K-Medical, we are right by your side. Check out plastic surgeries, dentistry, and treatments in various fields.

Regional medical services

No matter wherever you visit in Korea, K-Medical provides a one-stop service. Search my area right now

Medical tourism as a VIP

Visit your homeland. We invite you to Korea’s best VIP tour course. We show you the beauty of Korea along with the best medical services.

Remote consultation service

Need more information and further explanation? The professional team of K Medical Tour is partnered with the best medical services in the country.

The voices of K-Medical members

Why choose K Medical Tour?

Read feedbacks from our customers who used K Medical Tour for any field of reference to guide you through. The information and services K-Medical offers is the best service and experience you wont be able to access elsewhere.

Best hospital best medical staff

Through the MOU with 20+ hospitals in Korea, the medical staff you can meet are the best in the nation.

We reward you with a reasonable price for 10 years of trust.

One-stop service, the pride of K-Medical, is provided through its affiliate service, so there is no hidden cost.

Fast and accurate service

The most important thing is time. If you miss an opportunity, there is no turning back. Speed ​​and accuracy are something we can promise.

World's best medical service

You can access the world’s top 10 medical services in Korea. Check the hospital list right now.

K-Medical Medical Tourism

Medicare is our primary service! On top of that, we provide the best tour course for you to thoroughly experience and appreciate the culture of Korea.

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K-Meditour, your health is our top priority. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at the contact information below and we are happy to help.. 

Opportunity to experience the treatment of the best hospitals in Korea
Only available on K-Medical Tour!

K Medical Tour has signed MOUs with more than 20 hospitals in Korea that partnered with the most prestigious medical care, and is the only trusted company in the United States to attract medical and Korean tourism by conducting the best medical tours more than 20 times a year. The experience people had with KMedicalTour and the services we acutely provide are the best services you cannot experience anywhere else. K Medical Tour is working hard every day for a healthier life for you.