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About Kmedicaltours

We have chosen to partner up with 20 plus of the best hospitals that were pre-selected by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare through a strict screening procedure judged by their quality, examinations, medical treatments, and services. 

Accurate scientific health checkup system from health checkup to cancer surgery and for severe disease!

You can reserve health check ups such as early cancer screening, female body screening, male body screening, brain screening. You can also book for plastic surgery visits as well as ophthalmology, and dental visits. We also offer remote video consultations with a professional medical staff so you could inquire about anything ranging from minor to severe treatments like cancer, or anything about medications. This is a popular service because you will have to wait 2-3 months to meet with them on average if you were to consult them in person.

On top of that, we also help out with visa applications for foreign patients before entering Korea. We also reserve any accommodations like rental cars, translators etc if needed. We provide medical tour services that includes wellness experiences that focus more on body therapy more so than actual medication. After you’ve received your services and treatments, it’s not over. We follow up with you time to time to make sure your aftercare is taken care of.

We, Kmedicaltours, will always be with you to protect your health with excellent Korean hospitals.

Opportunity to experience the treatment of the best hospitals in Korea
Only available on K-Medical Tour!

K Medical Tour has signed MOUs with more than 20 hospitals in Korea that partnered with the most prestigious medical care, and is the only trusted company in the United States to attract medical and Korean tourism by conducting the best medical tours more than 20 times a year. The experience people had with KMedicalTour and the services we acutely provide are the best services you cannot experience anywhere else. K Medical Tour is working hard every day for a healthier life for you.